Welcome to blue mill's apparel and print medium catalogs page.

We offer a large varity of apparel and printing substrates in our different
catalogs. A few things to note when looking through the catalogs: If you find something in the local catalog it is generally cheaper since we don't have to pay to have it shipped to us. They also carry many of the brands you find in the other catalogs.

National Suppliers and Specialty Brands are subject to shipping charges because we can not get them locally which drives the price up, unless a minimum order is met. Then it is not uncommon for the National Suppliers to offer free shipping. Our Specialty Brands will often sell directly to the customer for an inflated retail price listed on their websites. Check with us, as we are often able to get much lower wholesale pricing!

Lastly if you don't see something you like here or have your own garment please call us we may be able to help you find what you're looking for or print on your supplied item. Call 503-891-2447 for a Quote!


National Supplier

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